What aspects of experience are most important when using a fish eye lens with a smartphone?

The primary benefits of using a fisheye lens is mobility and the ability of the user to directly document artifacts. While addressing those two aspects, I focused on increasing the deliberateness a user would feel when using the microscope. In addition to designing my final concept, I also chose to showcase an application for my microscope (see video above).

Final Concept

Interacting with the microscope feels precise and deliberate due to friction and the kinesthetic feedback created by the rubber bands stretching. When focusing the microscope, the larger, coarse, human movement is translated into a smaller, precise, phone movement.




I encountered the question of how complex a design solution should be when considering this pulley prototype, which applied the rules of physics to increase precision. However, as a microscope which should afford quick transportation and effortless exploration of the physical world, this design solution was fundamentally flawed.

Microscope Demos

My design process for this project centered around making and experimentation.