How can tangible and intangible value be produced within a music based service?


Soundsonder is a wayfinding service that introduces tourists to the people and places of Pittsburgh’s music scene based on their personal tastes and preferences. I worked with Matt Prindible and Devika Singh on this project.

Concept Details

Service Blueprint

Our service blueprint outlines a user's weekend trip to Pittsburgh from arrival to departure. We decided to focus on the significant moments a user experiences while using the service, building out the rest of the blueprint based on these key interactions.

Soundsonder Service Blueprint.jpg

Value Exchange

The question of what value would be exchanged was the hardest question we had to answer. In short, Soundsonder is able to financially exist through tourists paying for premium options. Feedback, exposure, and special social interactions are the less tangible value which is exchanged.

Sounsonder Value Flow Diagram.png


Touchpoints are the backbone of a service, distinct moments where a user exchanges value with the service. Our touchpoints, heavily informed by our research, consisted of a kiosk at the airport baggage claim and a mobile app. 



Speaking with Scott Hershberger yielded some of the best research insights during the project, inspiring many elements of the kiosk touchpoint and numerous features from the mobile app. Through many interviews, we decided to focus on domestic tourists, a sector which the Pittsburgh tourism industry has been seeing significant growth in.

final prez_Page_24.jpg

Testing concepts

Running scenarios and concepts by different classmates proved to be an effective way to bring in feedback from outside of our head space. 

Our group underwent multiple speed-dating sessions of quickly constructed storyboards in addition to an almost uncountable number of whiteboard ideation meetings.